Any plans on deploying on arbitrum?

Its a game changer for me since I have low capital (and I suspect many others) which get priced out of some operations. Yearn itself saves much of the gas costs but you cant actively manage positions with this costs, for example change vaults according to yields.

This might be positive to Yearn attracting new revenew streams from the ‘retail’ of Defi.

The main limitation is protocols available con Arbitrum, but might be worth getting ahead preparing since there are some of the most used protocols by yearn coming soon to arbitrum (at least as posted on The two main aditions to consider I think are Aave and Curve.

We are actively researching various L2s as stated in our weekly Doer notes GitHub - yearn/yearn-pm
Also some of our devs have applied this research here While we don’t have anything to announce right now, when we do it will be posted to our update channels.

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