2/20 fee model questions

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I am trying to wrap my head around about the new fee model and I would like to ask which number from https://stats.finance/yearn should I use for my calculations. In particular, i am modelling the treasury balances from which YFI holders will make half of the 20% performance fee and 2% management fee.
1.Vault is the only yearn’s product which should go into the performance and management fee calculation right?
2.Should i just use the “vaults” $ amount and do not include delegated vaults?
3.The 2% management fee is charged on the total amount in the treasury (not incl. profits) or total amount in treasury + profit?

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Ok and how about the management fee - is it calculated based only on the amount locked in vaults or locked + profits?

There is no separation of profits; it’s all just the same asset pool since profits are deposited back into the vault. So the management fee is calculated on the total amount held (each block), and then collected on harvest calls.

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