YIP 33: Add LINK to yVaults

Wouldn’t it be more YFI maximalism if were to add curveBTC instead of wBTC as collateral? I.e. earning REN, SNX, BAL and curve trading fees while providing collateral instead of just providing a non-yielding asset? Same for sUSD and bUSD.


Honestly this is disturbing that you do this after the official account has tweeted and some have voted on-chain

what about my BPT that is locked?

nearly 60k BPT already for and no one against.

Quick question here, should I convert my yCRV back into link and keep them in the yVault to farm some YFI?

you got to do you sir

I personally never sold link to get into yCrv in first place

yCrv could be a nice hold since $CRV distribution is right around the corner

no clue when we will see a LINK-yVault since there are shenanigans with waiting for YFI only vote implementation so idk

we also need to get it to PASS on 17 which is not guaranteed

Honestly upset since this push for YFI only votes is great but there are current proposals like 17 that were tweeted out now not even recognized on https://yips.yearn.finance/all-yip
and whoever is running that page

TLDR; I voted already since it was tweeted and now I get cucked waiting on my BPT to unlock in days


Yeah that’s what I thought thanks Bull, I will hold them for now and keep farming when they unpause it. That sucks for your BAL, we’re going to make it anyway godspeed fren

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@ChainlinkBull @Anon216 please refrain from price discussion: discord or telegram are much better place.

@ChainlinkBull as to YIP-17 removal, current process is not smooth but there is somewhat guideline how to make it work for everyone: Proposal How-To


  1. Don’t rush with putting a proposal on chain, keep discussion going for at least 3 days.

*We both know that link will win anyway once new poll is opened :speak_no_evil:

why I waited for something like a tweet from the main account to promote 17

didn’t stake a dime on yes before that

now I put my good word on the thing and the lads have their BPT locked for nothing


This proposal isn’t on-chain yet, we’ll wait for the governance contract changes to be implemented from YIP 10 and more time for voting to be made for the poll. Once YIP 10 and 12 are finished we can add it on-chain and update the correct YIP, while also putting the relevant data on yieldfarming.info.

Your BPT is locked but unless you were planning on selling in the next 3 days shouldn’t matter much. You should still be able to vote on other proposals too while it is locked. Not sure what those other proposals are that are on-chain but they shouldn’t have been added and aren’t related to this one.

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Tweets are not YIPs. The current voting UI would’ve been discontinued before this proposal could’ve had a chance to pass. Please wait for YIP 10 to be implemented, then submit the proposal as YIP for on-chain voting.

BPT from the governance pool will also be unlocked when the new voting contract is deployed. Shouldn’t be more than a day or two.


Bump for exposure to gather more votes.

LINK seems like the best choice. Well established, and the LINK marines I think will go nuts over this and spread the word about yearn

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For those that didnt see bancor v2 just released the link pool. I think this should be a priority as once people park their money sometimes competitors 3 weeks later dont get considered

Yeah and it immediately hit its cap of $500k on Bancor v2, there’s clearly a lot of demand for using LINK within DeFi


Proposal is on-chain as YIP 33. Be sure to vote if you want to add LINK. Remember we should reach quorum!


LINK seems like a good first choice to get things started. But in the future I think we can make this process much stronger – have a look at this idea Vote for yVaults with Your Capital, Not Your Voice


Big YES to the $LINK.

Seems the obvious first choice above everything else.

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I’m all for adding LINK but there is no way ETH shouldn’t be the first asset added. It’s easiest the safest collateral out of all the choices. If proposal adds ETH to be included I’ll vote for. If not, I’m against.


All for Link being added!

I think its clear based on the poll that the first to be added should have either been Link or Eth. It would have been nice to see a comparison between the two instead of yip 33 jumping right into a vote, but those stinky marines move quick. I personally feel that Eth was the better choice based simply on available market and stability.

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