**[Proposal]** Developer Incentives

Agreed. I have now exit. Wish the ecosystem all the very best. Trend is your friend and the trend I have observed is the inability for the YFI project to detach itself from lord and saviour Andre and find it’s own path. Getting bogged down in governance forums that have no actual implementation is a recurring theme.

I have seen the majority of discussions and votes revolve around increasing salaries, increasing strategist rewards, minting YFI to lump sum Andre and everything in between. And yet amidst all this, the yearn ecosystem is not making enough money to pay out of performance cashflows. At what point do we have a performance issue rather than a funding issue. Focus on a few high value vaults that everyone wants to use and deliver them. Stop twiddling the YFI token and build the damn product. Until that happens, wading through every man and his dogs opinion will lead to apathy (i’m so apathetic i’m out now unfortunately, I had such conviction until now.)

I should add, given the minting proposal that was onchain voted was not implemented, it highlights how little transparency on what HAS been implemented we have. I was of the opinion this was in place and to find out it has not even been coded in is hard to hear. What was the point of that vote?

All the best folks, I hope it plays out well for you.