Officially Distance from BlueKirby

I am just an outsider who is interested in overall health of the general crypto ecosystem. I hold no YFI, have never been involved with Yearn and have no personal interests.


From what I understand, while BlueKirby has helped a lot with marketing, establishing yCulture and related aspects - their contributions so far have been well received and rewarded, they are currently venturing into more of a “liability” territory rather than an asset to the Yearn ecosystem. Especially from the time of Eminence launch.

Chain of events:

  1. BlueKirby was the first “official” source to hype up EMN, verify and lend credibility to the test contract that negatively affected the entire ecosystem and led to a hack of millions. While he did append warnings and disclaimers throughout his thread, I don’t think it was still responsible behaviour from their side. They have voluntarily resigned, but that’s the least they could have done.
  2. They posted the contracts, provided detailed methods on how to buy in directly, encouraged FOMO and supplied all data others would need to convert to e-tokens.
  3. For any outsider, all of this data coming from a supposedly official comms account associated with Yearn, was essentially a stamp of credibility which catapulted the situation to gigantic levels.
  4. Post the failure, they attempted the failed #halfrekt attempt to downplay the situation and redeem themselves and the ecosystem.
  5. Even further post failed attempts, pretty much had a mini breakdown where they overplayed their own involvement and doings within yearn ecosystem to game off sympathy and be in the spotlight as the over-sacrificing good person.
  6. Dumped all YFI amidst negative market sentiment to lock in any profits that were at that point of time.
  7. Now is currently doing a scam attempt at off-blue to try to ride the YFI hype, and use their involvement with Yearn as a core driver, going as far as to include YFI holders in the drop. This is an attempt to try to retain support of the Yearn ecosystem, while initiating a cash-grab on unsuspecting naive investors who really don’t know there’s no max cap, there’s no roadmap, there’s no specs on what will the protocol be.
  8. After initial call-outs on Twitter, has further gone ahead to limit his and off-blue account to private to continue to damage control and ensure goodwill among current followers.

As an outsider, I believe, for Yearn ecosystem to continue to lend any credibility to BlueKirby or their initiatives will have a grave negative impact, not just for Yearn, but for the entire DeFi ecosystem. Malicious players have to be weeded out, and in line with the best interest for the crypto ecosystem, I propose for Yearn to officially distance themselves from BlueKirby.

I intended for this to be a proposal but could not make one, not sure what the rules are, but please discuss. I am interested to see how YFI community sees BlueKirby and his recent initiatives.

Should Yearn release an official statement distancing themselves from BlueKirby?


He canceled his twitter. So this is a non-issue.

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Is this really what we need to be focusing on?!! Lets focus yearn’s efforts on building badass projects thats going to push defi forward. Lets get the v2 optimizations done and move on to stable credit. Lets keep he-said she-said hear say to twitter please.


Kirby has already quit the team and is no longer receiving a grant from us so this has already happened.